Keeping Things Interesting

Its only week one of AIT and already its sooo much better than basic. Mostly because… he has his phone! I forgot what it was like to just be able to text him with a question or random thought. Sometimes its hours before I actually get a response but I don’t care. Its amazing to be up to date on each others days and lives again. Snail mail and 2-3 week delay was no joke.

The only tough thing is that he has the night shift for his classes and PT. So he’s in class every day from 4pm to 2am. Its especially hard because his free time for the day is between 1pm-3pm and of course I’m at work so we can’t just sit on the phone the whole time. He has however called me the past few days while I was at work and it wasn’t a problem. Yesterday we talked for almost 40 mins. Today was just 10 mins. Its defiantly interesting having to almost learn how to talk on the phone. I know that may sound crazy but we saw each other pretty much every day while dating and until basic had never spent a night apart. So its defiantly an adjustment but we’re getting better. Sometimes we have awkward pauses lol but we’re getting better at keeping things flowing. We’re learning how to make distance work for us… but hopefully we won’t have to for too much longer.

So along that same note, I did something kinda risky and I’m superb excited about it. We both have Snapchat but never use it. We literally have never snapped each other because we never had the need for it… but we defiantly do now! So last night I sent him just a cute “good night, love you” snap. He didn’t even have the app on his phone so I had to tell him to check his Snaps lol. He loved it. Even though it wasn’t anything special, he said he loved just seeing my face. So tonight, I sent him a similar cute snap… followed by a sexier one! I’ve literally never sent a sexy pic. Sometimes I forget that I’m married now and CAN do that kind of stuff haha. So I took a chance. Its not even that out there. Its literally just me in one of his shirts with the side tugged up just a bit to show just enough but still be complete covered. Sometimes more is less, right? haha. But I know its just enough. Its seriously going to be the last thing he’s expecting. I wish I could see his reaction when he opens it.

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t still flirt and take some risks 😉


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