One Day At a Time

I am trying hard to remain "positive" and "upbeat" and to "thrive" through this deployment but the truth is I am struggling and my heart hurts so bad. Everyone says to "stay busy" and I have been but no matter how "busy" you stay, the sting of walking into an empty house just never gets …

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Countdown to Goodbye

Today went so well! I talked him into going to the early church service and on the way there I told him why but didn't give all the details. I just told him I had a surprise planned for noon in town. For the next three hours he guessed and asked questions constantly. Everything from helicopter …

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When Christmas Has to Come Early

As you know, my husband received orders to deploy sometime before Christmas. As unfortunate as it is, we are making the best of it and decided to celebrate early (and probably again when he gets back 😏 ). I ordered his Christmas gift the first week of November, way before we knew he would be deploying. …

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